Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DesignerCon 2013: Video Game Inspired

This untitled piece from artsit Ray Leoncio was something he wanted on his wall. A beautiful Street Fighter fan piece that nearly sold out at the show Sunday at $200 with only 10 available over the weekend. Featuring many of the fighters cubed pulling off signature moves and almost fitting within the space like a game of tetris, the piece is an iconic and minimalistic ode to a game series with many dedicated fans.

Ray wanted to create something that any fan would enjoy and not be afraid to be put up on their wall. Fan art that was more acceptable to any audience.

The piece is so remarkable I hope to see some sort of print run through Iam8bit or at least a spot for Ray in the next video game art show at the gallery.

DCon had plenty of other video game tribute art all over the convention floor. A Legend of Zelda Lego shield and sword and a cringe worth Pac-Man statue.

Ekk! Cyborg Akuma!

Squid Kids!, they show up to almost every convention in SoCal, had video game presence with it's 10-Doh series of video game cartridge based figures.

Looks like Andrew Wilson's 10-Doh pieces stand out with cute girls on the label.