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Friday, November 8, 2013

LA Weekly's Moebius Screw Up

LA Weekly uses wrong photo
Oh, man! I though I messed up my preview of the AFI Film Festival, currently going on, when I started reading Micheal Nordine's article about finding the films for it.

Another hiccup
The picture above should be a screen grab or poster for the South Korean film Moebius playing at the festival. Instead it's a picture of the work from French comic writer and artist Moebius, also known as Jean Giraud. Even better, it's the first Google image result when you type in Moebius. The article doesn't even mention Moebius.

Someone is slacking off at LA Weekly.

Update: Nov 11, the article now has the wrong images removed from the article, but states no corrections.

They're hiring a new copy editor, maybe I'll apply.

Here's the picture that should have been used and times of the film Moebius, which has nothing to do with the comic artist. Tickets are still available for the film.