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Thursday, November 7, 2013

LA Links: Free Internet? Broadband? No Towers, Caught On Tape

Free Wi-Fi In LA
-The LA City Council has unanimously voted to start looking for a vendor to support the city with free Wi-Fi.

Free Broadband too
-The council also wants free Broadband. ArsTechnica has a lengthy explanation of the plan.

Remember that the Free Wi-Fi and Broadband would only be in the city of LA, not all of LA county.

Millennium Towers aren't going up
-The Millennium Towers haven't even begun construction, due to lawsuits about their safety in an earthquake. The Towers were put on the fast track by the LA City Council to try and get them made as fast as possible even though evidence if they were at risk of being on a fault line hasn't come in. They may go up later after everything is resolved or may not be allowed after a fault line map is completed later this year or in 2014.

LAPD getting officer cameras

-After reaching a fundraiser goal much of the LAPD will have officer cameras. During duty, officer cameras will be able to record everything that an officer is doing. They'll be worn on the chest. It's unknown if officers will be allowed to turn off the cameras and any point. The cameras aren't on yet, volunteer officers will test two companies cameras to see which works best before a big deployment.

It may be a great way to fight lawsuits that constantly plague the department by having a recording of everything that goes on. Still, does seem a bit like 1984.

I guess, I can't wait until a celebrity police video is leaked some time in the future.