Friday, March 22, 2024

X-Men '97 Early Review: Animation Wise The Best In-Game Cut Scenes


On Thursday, Disney+ finally released X-Men '97 under some controversy as the new series creator, Beau DeMayo was just fired and the long, long road for the show finally coming out with noticeable delays for those in the industry. Examples like the toy line launching well ahead of the series premiere by months and talk of the show being ready at various cons over the years.

The show retains much of its signature style with story and character design. With no joy, I bring up the animation and the difference in voice actors. They aren't great, they seem to fall into the rut of Disney+'s What If...? and if you're okay with that shows look, then this is passable.

Spoilers ahead

So story-line wise you'll be drawn in immediately as to what's going on with Scott and Jean having a baby on the way. Magneto switching sides to being in charge of the team and a lot of other drama that the X-Men are known for. New characters from the comics being put in. Oh, and just straight up racism/insurrection that looks very much like Jan 6th. 
A mix of sadly, still modern day problems and what to do with a racist group within a kids show, the Friends of Humanity is back to spread mutie hate. It looks like the Friends of Humanity had a campaign drive for new members and it isn't just white dudes. It's kind of sad to see all of humanity come together to hate the X-Men. Still, funny to see every race under the sun hating them together.
What's not so great is the animation. Sorry original viewers, Disney don't pay for animation like they used to or thought it was easier to make the show using 3D animated models. It's noticeable, it's not the best and it doesn't get the best results. It's the same as their What If...? show, however this has flashy and fun character design. 
And the team behind it seems to really get the powers of are heroes, pulling off some amazing on-screen attacks or use of their powers.

Voice wise, nothing can compare to the original cast in their prime. Sadly, many of them have since passed on. Those who are back, well they do sound older. The newcomers are trying their best, but you can't ever fully replace those voices, they're to engrained in our brains.
So, they X-Men are back and it took them a long, long time and this is what you get when you wait too long. 
We're glad it's back. It could have been better. You get ten new episodes of the show you grew up with as a kid that's a little more adult.