Friday, March 1, 2024

Movie Hype: And the Razzie Goes to..., Cuckoo, Riddle of Fire, Ruined Stunts & I Saw The TV Glow


The Criterion Channel will be showing past Razzie award winners starting in March. Oh, woah, curation on a Streaming service, Criterion you actually get it. And the Razzie Goes to . . . will be their themed section. And, paint them any color you want, those movies suck, but can be fun to see.

When news was coming out about this I thought Criterion was actually gonna broadcast the Razzie Awards...sadly that isn't happening, but would have loved them doing it and then breaking down why those movies are so disliked. And, the effort or possible lack there of that made them. Like just some well-versed critics or movie buffs breaking it down for you.

 Saturday, March 9, 2024 - "Winners" of 44th Razzies announced



NEON is still around and they keep bringing us some weird fun stuff to get into. Not until May.

Cuckoo Not until May.

Synopsis:Reluctantly, 17-year-old Gretchen leaves her American home to live with her father, who has just moved into a resort in the German Alps with his new family. Arriving at their future residence, they are greeted by Mr. König, her father's boss, who takes an inexplicable interest in Gretchen's mute half-sister Alma. Something doesn't seem right in this tranquil vacation paradise. Gretchen is plagued by strange noises and bloody visions until she discovers a shocking secret that also concerns her own family.

Looks like an instant classic to me.

/Film is a mixed bag, but sometimes has some great opinion posts. If it isn't a list of who's still alive from a movie or a show I'll probably check it out. Also, you creepy /Film, why write articles just telling me whose still alive from something?

Anyway, here's a good one on Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One and how its ads ruined a really cool stunt in the movie.

Terrible Marketing Ruined One Of The Most Astonishing Movie Moments Of The Year

Been waiting on this one since hearing about it and Sundance. I Saw The TV Glow, coming soon, meaning, May 3.