Saturday, March 16, 2024

Industry Hype: Los Angeles Festival of Movies 80's Poster, DreamWorks Sucks & Cable's Slow Death


Love the poster for the first Los Angeles Festival of Movies, mainly because it looks like it was made for a film festival from the 80's. It does not look like a modern poster at all.

What we're looking at is a lot more stuff coming out slower and made worse, not just from DreamWorks, but all the big studios.

Paramount+ Was a ‘Critical’ Mistake and It’s Why Bob Bakish Should Be Fired: Analyst

"The mistake, according to Greenfield, was creating Paramount+. By attempting to reinvent niche service CBS All Access as a Netflix competitor, Paramount+ may have created a “mountain of entertainment.” When a mountain of subscribers did not follow, (it now has 68 million), Bakish did what others have done: He put most of his best stuff on streaming."

That story goes really well with this one on why Cable is essentially dead

They are TV’s ghosts — networks that somehow survive with little reason to watch them anymore