Friday, March 15, 2024

Hundreds of Beavers LA Premiere


From a recent press release

"On Thursday night, Hundreds of Beavers premiered to a rapturous crowd at the Laemmle Royal Theatre. The screening could not have played to a better audience. The Q&A featuring co-writer/director Mike Cheslik, co-writer/star Ryland Brickson, Cole Tews, and producer Kurt Ravenwood was a real crowd pleaser."

The film just started playing locally

Hundreds of Beavers
Beginning March 15
Laemmle Glendale, Noho 7 and Claremont 5 

-The March 14 Hundreds of Beavers screening at the Royal, March 15 & 16 late shows in Glendale, March 18 at the NoHo, and March 19 in Claremont will feature Q&As with the filmmakers plus a beaver or two.

We've written about it before, we really love this insane slap-stick film.