Friday, March 15, 2024

STD's Final Season: We're Glad It's Finally Over


STD or Star Trek: Discovery's final season will soon finally start on Paramount+ this April. We've always hated it. 
The forgettable characters. The terrible pacing. The horrible stories lacking coherency. And, the mind-numbing pain of realizing the writers, cast & crew don't talk to the special effects team so none of the CGI makes sense.
We're not sure if it was successful or if it was terrible ratings wise as Paramount shares no real information. When it comes to an average person or a sci-fi fan we doubt they could name anyone from the crew or what's happened on the show and that's telling.

We remember reading how Jonathan Frake's was congratulated on his work on Strange New Worlds, but never Picard or Discovery and that he know knew people don't care for the other two. We just hope it sinks in for Paramount. Be de-listed you horrible, horrible show.

If you want, it is at this year's WonderCon, but seems to be lacking 80% of its executive producers in attendance.

Saturday, March 30 • 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Star Trek: Discovery: Final Season Premiere Screening
*Does this show have any fans? I just kind of want to see who even likes it.
Be one of the first to see the premiere episode of the final season of Star Trek: Discovery followed by a moderated Q&A with Michelle Paradise (EP/showrunner) and Olatunde Osunsanmi (EP/director), where they will discuss working on the final season and tease what’s to come.