Friday, March 8, 2024

RIP Akira Toriyama

The legendary creator of Dragon Ball has passed on. Sadly, Akira Toriyama had died at the early age of 68. We celebrate his impact on the world with his fantastic art and stories. So much of Dragon Ball and his other art from Dragon Quest & Dr. Slump has leaked out to make the world so much better. He will be missed for so many amazing memories.

I can remember catching Dragon Ball Z after school, playing countless hours of Budokai on my PS2. Endlessly trying to figure out how powerful Goku would get to defeat his foes. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh, and the constant screaming learned from the show. Let's not forget the lovely ladies that he drew either. Thanks for opening the world of anime babes to us. It's a lifetime of memories I share with so many other fans. There's just to much to list of how much Dragon Ball and Toriyama has meant to me and so many other people.

And, Dragon Ball endures to this day with a new anime that looks kind of dumb, new games and basically being copied in one way or another on the big and small screen. You can get your kids to watch something you grew up with. You can be a real Dad, like Piccolo.
Akira Toriyama

Back in 2014, I helped put on a Dragon Ball Z/ Akira Toriyama Tribute show with Q Pop and I consider
it one of the best events Things To Do In LA has been a part of. We had a Power Up Contest, that should be at every DBZ event, you can see it below. Enjoy the screams, but turn down your speakers just in case.

Thanks for everything, Toriyama!
-Your Editor