Friday, March 29, 2024

Movie/Streaming Hype:The Video Archives Cinema, Mars Express, Conan O'Brien Must Go, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice & More

Here's all the latest hype related to film and cinema news that's grabbed our attention.

 The Video Archives Cinema is gonna be an intersting place as it's a rather intimate theater. So, when you see something there, even with a sold-out audience, you won't see that many people there.

Not so great news with Drafthouse up for sale again

Our favorite headline on the new Ghostbusters movie

The Ghostbusters franchise isn’t aimed at anyone or anything anymore

I'm amazed GKids is releasing this theatrically, it looks like a dirty, kinky, sci-fi film and of course, that makes it French. Will be getting the English dub in theaters in May. I'd rather be able to watch it streaming sooner.

Looks like some fun Blade Runner type sci-fi.

See ya later, Mars Express







Hey, it looks watchable and doesn't seem to have Tim Burton having some sort of CGI fit. Still it's not out til September, so we'll wait and see.

On to streaming as terrestrial tv is nearly gone.

Conan O'Brien Must Go comes to Max with six episodes April 18. And, there does seems to be a Jordan Schlansky episode. 


Just kind of amazed both these are live action and coming to Netflix. Gotta say did like the Train to Busan's second zombie movie in his attempt to go Hollywood. Looks like he knows how to keep it creepy and messed up with Parasyte: The Grey.

City Hunter is an interesting choice based on manga that is very 80's style action and the lead is also kind of a perv.