Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Weekly What To Do: WonderCon Weekend With Some Easter

Marc 27 & 30

Hate to Love: Nickelback documents the real story of Nickelback from their humble beginnings in Alberta, to the explosive global success of 'How You Remind Me' in 2001 and the record-breaking hits that followed and continue to this day. With the 'Rockstar' fame came an early wave of the online negativity. In a refreshingly open, honest, and revealing account, the band discuss the conception of Nickelback and their incredible rise to the top in the 2000's. They reveal the personal impact of the online vitriol and the appreciation for the loyalty of their fans.
Thursday, March 28th, 2024
1:10 PM
Dodger Stadium


WonderCon 2024 ain't in April, it's taking place back at the Anaheim Convention Center March 29th-31st. The annual convention is for all kinds of fandom and is more like a smaller Comic-Con. It's a random roll of the dice on what talent or panels will show up from you favorite shows/movies or comics. 
March 29 - March 31, 2024
Los Feliz 3 
Three rascal children run afoul of an enigmatic coven in Weston Razooli’s whimsical neo-fairytale, which evokes a menagerie of esoteric genres and dreamy cult-film vibes.
L.A. Intersections
Saturday, Mar 30, 2024
8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Lobby, 1st Floor Exhibition Galleries, Oculus Hall at The Broad
Tickets $30 

Join us after hours at The Broad for L.A. Intersections, a two-part festival-style series celebrating organic music and spoken word scenes that have emerged in Los Angeles including punk, jazz, rap, noise, and the culturally infused experimentation led by a new generation of Filipinx artists. 
Sat, Mar 30th 3 pm:
$19.00 - $33.00

Signing with Jason Jenkins, Michael January, Jeffrey Reddick, Andrew Divoff , Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan, Alex Litvak,, Jayson Rothwell, Scott Milam, Nick Principe, Luke Piotrowski, Ben Collins, Kevin Bocarde

Sunday on Adult Swim, hhhmm isn't April Fools, what could happen? Remember, stuff goes down 9pm EST
7:00 P.M. on Monday, April 1st, 2024
The Michelle and Kevin Douglas IMAX Theatre, RZC 119, Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts, 3131 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007 

Seventeen-year-old Tanya Crandell (Simone Joy Jones) can’t wait to spend the summer living it up with her friends in Spain before heading to Howard University in the fall. But when her mom (Ms. Pat) decides to head to a much-needed wellness retreat in Thailand, Tanya is forced to stay home with her three siblings instead. Following the unexpected death of their elderly babysitter (June Squibb), Tanya gets a job working for the confident and ambitious Rose (Nicole Richie). Juggling work, family, and a complicated romance, Tanya faces the responsibility of adulthood at the cost of her summer of freedom.

North American Total Solar Eclipse
March 25-Apr 8
-a blend of cotton candy and dragon fruit flavors
-receive a complimentary pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses with every purchase of the Blackout Slush Float, while supplies last, enabling you to safely witness the eclipse.
UCB, a cheapo comedy show almost every night, see comedians before they make podcasts and have
stories about the UCB and before they hit the big time.

American Cinematheque-A celebrated independent theater group that brings both the talent and catalog of films to make for some of LA's best movie nights.

Check out classics and cult movies just a few stories above street level. Rooftop Movies at The Montalbán.

Secret Movie Club-Special edition posters and a large swatch of films to see.

 New Bev-Tarantino owned independent theater with old school style

Cinelounge - Hollywood based tiny theater, showing off indies you've never heard of
Brain Dead Studios-Newcomer that manages to fill its schedule almost every night

March 17 - August 25, 2024, 10 AM-5 PM (last group admitted at 4:30 PM)
Timed tickets are for 30-minute sessions and are free for Members, $8 for Non-members with a general admission ticket.

Visitors are able to walk among hundreds of butterflies in NHM’s outdoor, open-air netted enclosure. The seasonal experience also features colorful native plants and plenty of natural light to help guests see these creatures flutter and fly.

Visitors can expect to see the stages of the butterfly lifecycle — from eggs to caterpillars and chrysalises — for up to 30 different species, including California natives like the Mourning cloak and Common buckeye. Museum educators and animal care specialists will also be onsite to share what makes these animals so special.
March 2-Sept 1
Japanese American National Museum
100 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Admission $

Giant Robot Biennale 5 features artists Sean Chao, Felicia Chiao, Luke Chueh, Giorgiko, James Jean,
Taylor Lee, Rain Szeto, and Yoskay Yamamoto, among others. Since 2007, JANM has partnered with Eric Nakamura, founder of Giant Robot, to produce the Giant Robot Biennale, a recurring art exhibition that highlights diverse creative works celebrating the brand’s ethos.
March 9, 2024 – September 8, 2024
Bowers Museum 
$ Admission
 Never-before-seen at a museum and making its American debut, Asian Comics: Evolution of an Art Form presents the largest ever selection of original artworks from Asian comics, displayed alongside their printed, mass-produced forms. This exhibition is a vivid journey through the art of comics and visual storytelling across Asia. From its historical roots to the most recent digital innovations, the exhibition looks to popular Japanese manga and beyond, highlighting key creators, characters, and publications.