Thursday, March 28, 2024

What What @ WonderCon 2024

Here's our final post before WonderCon 2024.
WonderCon Full Map & Schedule  

Remember, there will be lines for parking and picking up your badge, so give yourself time, water and a snack for all the waiting. Same goes for waiting for panels or signings. 

-Take a look at parking
Toy Story and GardenWalk parking lots will be available for offsite parking for WonderCon attendees during WonderCon, March 29–31, 2024!

-Looks like it's gonna rain over the weekend so dress accordingly, looks like we'll be cosplaying inside. 

-As always the food is pretty much cafeteria and overpriced there, so plan on going outside the convention or bringing something to eat. Even living a nice lunch that won't go bad in you car isn't the worst idea.

Here's a reminder to check out the Requiem Cafe, ten minutes by car from the convention center.


280 S Clementine St Anaheim, CA 92805

The food looks like it's gonna be sickeningly sweet so be ready to nosh down sweet treats. We're also digging the overall look of the menu.

"On Friday and Saturday nights, you will find Comic-Con International’s official hospitality suite open, located on the 2nd floor of the Anaheim Hilton. A gathering we dub “LobbyCon” will be in full swing in the Hilton bar area on Friday and Saturday nights, a perfect spot for people watching."

 via  SDCC Unofficial Blog

The following cosplay gatherings might be taken inside due to wather


Saturday Match 30th 5pm -6pm
This Marvel fan photo gathering will take place on the South Terrace of the second floor of the Anaheim Convention Center. 

Saturday Match 30th 11am-noon
This DC fan photo gathering will take place on the South Terrace of the second floor of the Anaheim Convention Center.
Fandom Charities
Join us on Sunday, March 31st from 1:15pm - 2:30pm in room North 200A

WonderCon is going out on a high note as we host an interactive screening of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Come and revel in the musical genius of The Whedons! But remember, the best part of the show is up to you! Cheer for Dr. Horrible! Cheer for Penny! Cheer for Moist! Cheer for the Freeze Ray! Cheer, or whatever, for "Captain Hammer, Corporate Tool!" Just have fun and be sure to make Bad Horse gleeful.
Hero Complex Gallery is @ Booth 1943