Monday, March 18, 2024

Madame Web: Tricky


Just watched Madame Web over the weekend. It's ready for purchase online after coming out to theaters Feb 14th. I guess those deals with theaters don't apply to box office bombs. a world where some movies can be thrown away to save money for tax purposes, it's amazing this film saw the light of day. We could have a breakdown of so, so many problems, but here's just one part.

A scene where the girls get on a diner table and start dancing for a bunch of high school boys. This is when in the film they're supposed to be low profile. The ladies outfits for the film look like the character select screen of SSX Tricky. Oh, and putting 26-year-old Sydney Sweeney is a schoolgirl uniform, totally not sexing her up.

The director, S. J. Clarkson, a woman, said the film is about toxic masculinity. So the scene seems somewhat out of place. The girls aren't forced on the table, y'know they just feel it's the right thing to do in the moment.

There's much more to make fun of and very little suspension of disbelief. Thank goodness Sony added the 100 years of making films logo to this one, showing everyone who made good films over their has long since died.