Friday, May 22, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Proto Super Soaker, Bye Pizza Rev, Sailor Smash, Zorch & Spider-'Nam

Prototype Super Soaker
-Check out the prototype Super Soaker, read up on the creator, Lonnie Johnson. He created the beloved water firing pistol while work at JPL and eventually had to sue Ner, which now owns Super Soakers for some lost wages. He got $73 mil they owed him.

Check out more about his fascinating life below. And he is still alive.

The Accidental Invention of the Super Soaker
The Oral History of the Super Soaker

-Bye Bye, Pizza Rev
PizzaRev Closes San Fernando Valley Restaurants

The company has permanently closed locations in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys and Valencia. Only two PizzaRev restaurants remain in Los Angeles County, in Palmdale and Rowland Heights.
-The game would be so much better with her addition.
-A fun free re-make game you got from a snack company.


 -Grunt: The Art and Unpublished Comics of James Stokoe

Maybe you'll see even more Spider-'Nam and other fun art work from Stokoe's book that just came out today. Get it here.