Sunday, May 3, 2020

Famicase 2020 Favs

Each year is the annual art show where people make up games that don't really exist. Check all of the entries over here.

Below our are favorites

Rene Antunes|Graphic Designer|Canada
POLICE PROCEDURAL GENERATION! Guide SONNY SLADE through the mean streets of FREEDOM CITY in pursuit of hot justice. Snag cash, bust junkies, crack cases. Every time you leave HQ it’s a brand-new adventure where criminals only fear one thing: a ROGUE COP.

Friendly Dungeon
Kenaya Gabriel|Illustrator|Indonesia
Beware ! A lot of deadly creatures has fled from the dungeon and joined the friendly creatures among the village ! can you defeat all the deadly creature that disguised as the friendly ones ? be careful !

Shoot from the Hip
Ryan Alfred Page|Designer|England
When a woodland photographer spots a murderous scene in a film negative, she stumbles right into the centre of a chilling crime. Can she expose the truth and track down the killer? Or will they find her first?

Mateusz Czech|Graphic Designer|Poland
Pooppies is a platform game in which the player takes on the role of a young carefree puppy. Your task will be to mark your territory with physiological activities. To pass a given level, the player must mark the appropriate number of places on the level. The player must also avoid other dogs, cats, and angry passers-by and dog-catchers.

Matt Kap|Designer|Canada
彼が邪悪ながらくたモンスターと戦い、魔法の糞の力を得ると、マスクされたヒーロープーマンになります! 家族全員が楽しめる黒と白(および茶色)のラブストーリー。 あなたのズボンでたわごとしないでください!
Colton Floris|Graphic Designer|Canada
A hired gun with a dangerous weapon. Every bullet you fire is looped through time as if it were never fired before, will your current actions have greater past consequences?

Fox vs cucumbers
Genre: platformer, run-and-gun.
Planet captured ninja cucumbers. Foxy-chan, armed with an egg machine gun, enters the battle with them.