Friday, May 1, 2020

Two Big Changes: Summer Game Fest & New Alamo Drafthouse CEO Shelli Taylor

First off, woah, we're getting something called Summer Game Fest from iam8bit and Geoff Keighley. It's a festival, taking place online for months showing of video games. It's happening May through August? Which, is quite a long time.

If you're a gamer at all this is kind of big news, not just because of all the info that'll becoming out on games. It seems to just kick E3 to the curb. Geoff Keighley worked with E3 for years producing The Game Awards and running interviews at it before dropping out this year. He did explain exactly what he wanted to from E3 and looks like he's gonna do it his way. And iam8bit was suppose to help produce E3 this year before backing out with really no explanation. Now, they've teamed up to produce months worth of video game news. The ESA, the people behind E3, are probably not very happy.

It's like seeing the big fight on the old model of how film gets distributed. We have Universal getting told by AMC Theaters that they won't be showing any of their films anymore because Universal is releasing movies online before they go to theaters. AMC better adapt or they're gonna end up like Blockbuster.

But in this case, it doesn't look like the ESA can do anything negative to anyone joining Summer Game Fest, which is a pretty ho-hum name. We're just saying with how creative iam8bit is, Summer Game Fest wasn't the best name. And if you wear a shirt with those words on it, we'll post it and call you lame. SGF...E3, sounds better as an acronym.

We're still kind of taking this in like you. And you can read the official statement below.

*On a side note, it's just interesting as we're such avid fans of iam8bit that the team-up with them is just stated Geoff Keighley and doesn't name a company/brand he owns or runs.

Official statement:

We're excited to announce a summer-long collaboration with our pal Geoff Keighley. Summer Game Fest will show off the future of games and bring fans a season of breaking news, in-game events, and free playable content. Designed from the ground-up as a first-of-its-kind, all-digital consumer celebration, Summer Game Fest is a multi-month global festival that highlights video games, the world’s leading form of entertainment.

iam8bit will produce a showcase highlighting upcoming games, with special pre and post shows for flagship publisher events hosted by Geoff Keighley. On August 24, Keighley will host and produce gamescom: Opening Night Live, a spectacular, industry-wide finale to the SGF season. Also, iam8bit just might be making some exclusive product announcements and opening up our vaults for some rare opportunities as well.

Summer Game Fest season will run from May – August 2020 and feature updates for fans from the following game publishers and platforms: 2K, Activision Publishing, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bethesda, Blizzard Entertainment, Bungie, CD Projekt Red, Digital Extremes, Electronic Arts, Microsoft (more details coming next week), Private Division, Riot Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Steam, SQUARE ENIX, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and more.

Programming will be distributed across all major streaming platforms, including publisher owned and operated channels on Facebook, Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and more global outlets and media partners.

For more information and an updating schedule of events please visit or follow @summergamefest on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter.

And then we have this:

Announcing Shelli Taylor as New Alamo Drafthouse CEO; Tim League to Assume Executive Chairman Role

So, Tim League is still a major part of the company and we'll be leading the charge on more of the creative stuff, but the new CEO Shelli Taylor is running the day to day and business side.

It sounds good and we hope the best for both of these big changes happening during the staying at home (Covid-19 2020)