Friday, May 8, 2020

Solar Opposites: You Should Have Not Been Wearing Your Seatbelt Instead

At this point we kind of hope Justin Roiland died of alcoholism already. That my be too harsh, but it was a passing thought. And Solar Opposites is nothing but passing thoughts. There is way too much going on in this high concept show about an alien family living on Earth. We've watched only two episodes and the show just doesn't give room to breath. Give yourself a second, damn.

After watching Justin Roiland's work over the years from online to major network, you can see how lost he is without Dan Harmon. The two created Rick & Morty and you can see Roiland's crazy melding with Dan's great writing just makes it work. You can't see that sh*t here. It's like Justin is still doing Newgrounds cartoons, but now with a huge budget. Newgrounds cartoons can be the dumbest, grossest pieces of garbage that last under three minutes. In no way should they be a 22 minute show.

And yet it is.

Solar Opposites is a never-ending, on adrenaline, shove of sci-fi and reference. It's like a next generation of Family Guy with no focus. It wastes the main cast and comedian voice actors, who will praise it, because it got them some work. We should take some time to go over stories or the characters, but it doesn't matter, because the show itself doesn't care.

Oh look, they have meta humor which is really just bad, lazy writing. They stole from the movie Green Room and then brought up that they were just stealing the movie Green Room. Which does not make it okay.

With Rick and Morty just coming back and being so enjoyable it just shows a huge difference on giving Justin Roiland complete freedom. He should have his taken away.

This and the Harley Quinn cartoon are two examples of some of the most wasted talent. Animators who work on these shows have talent it's just utterly wasted.

If you wanna watch all episodes are on Hulu right now

And if you can catch out Green Room, it's pretty good. Sadly, not up on Hulu.