Monday, May 11, 2020

RIP Richard Sala

One of our favorite indie artists, Richard Sala, has passed away. We enjoyed his work since were kids and saw his comics in the pages of Nickelodeon Magazine. As we grew up we spotted the artist again with various more adult themed indie work with a penchant for macabre, mystery and cute girls.

There's no word on why he did pass, but he was only 61 and he just start a new ongoing webcomic this April.

We're sorry to see him go and thought to share some of his work and a reminder to check it out online or grab a copy for yourself.

Enjoy his work like we have.

His Nick Mag run on Mervin the Magician

 Here's some DC nods.

Here's all of his stuff up on Amazon
and from Fantagraphics.

Here's a nod from the makers of Ghost Court. We bought the game mainly from seeing Sala's art being used for it.

We didn't even hear about the sequel Goth Court with illustrations from Sala again. Might be fun to play both while in lockdown. (Covid-19 in 2020)

via Bleeding Cool