Friday, May 29, 2020

The Egyptian Theatre: A Netflix Original

Yup, Netflix bought The Egyptian Theatre. After some controversy on what that would mean for local fans of cinema it all came to a close today. Now, it's not bad news, but your probably not going to see any week long film festivals like you use to.

-American Cinematheque is sticking around and runs the theater Fri-Sunday.
-Netflix runs the theater Mon -Thursday for premieres and showing their own stuff.
-Netflix is putting up the cash for renovating the theater at some point down the line.
-The influx of cash means more special screenings and events are now possible for the cinematheque.
-How much did Netflix pay for it? They won't say. Estimates are in the tens of millions.
-The Aero Theatre was not part of the deal, so cinematheque is still in full control of it.

You can read up even more with a great back history on the theater below.

Netflix to put a new spin on L.A.'s classic Egyptian Theatre