Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentine's Day In LA Go To The Gun Range

While others are filling up "perfect" views of LA you should have a line of sight on your target at the LA Gun Club. Having your significant other hold onto a gun while you hold onto them while they take and aim will blow anyone's romantic story of how their date when.

An experience where you and your partner can enjoy an evening of choosing what guns you've seen from films and television  awaits you this Valentine's Day. It's sort of like going on a love mission as the staff will prep you, gear you up and then let you blast away a baddy target. What could be a more entertaining evening?

The LA Gun Club is located smack in the middle of downtown. So afterward you still have plenty of options for a meal where you can look into each other's eyes and discuss how fun it was to see bullets rain out of your gun and who was the better shot.

We recommend using Lyft/Uber or paid parking nearby as the lots always full and Valentine's Day is the busiest day for the LA Gun Club. Yes, not Christmas or New Years. That might be due to laws in place where the place can't be open on those two holidays, but we've been told by the LA Gun Club it's the day when the most people show up. So plan to come early, but know other happy couples will be waiting with you and people completely alone who have no one. It's a great mix of both and to watch both.

Los Angeles Gun Club
1375 E 6th St Ste 7
Los Angeles, California 90021