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Monday, February 5, 2018

Game Hype: Couch Co-Op Edition: Treadnauts, Full Metal Furies and Shiftlings Enhanced Edition

Here's a few recent releases that you can play with friends at your home or wherever you want to get together in person.

Treadnauts $12.99 Steam Early Access

I just played this four-player couch co-op gem over the weekend and can tell you it's a fun ride to shoot down and smash friends. Treadnauts has you and up to three friends utterly destroying each other in cartoony tanks. You can shoot each other away or just smash into each other and jump on top of each other in combat.

There's a lot of modifiers to play around with in the game to change up the action, my friends wanted all kinds of crazy, so we had big bullets on with rapid re-load and as much bullet bounce we could get with what was unlocked.

You've got to unlock quite a bit and it'll have you coming back for more. Before we left the game, we just unlocked rockets for our tanks for even more carnage!

There's a bunch of wacky levels to master and to try and get the best out of being able to drive on the ceiling of them. Then the game will just throw in a new wrench like some sort of electric ball that I still don't know how to use.

Though it's in early access the game is pretty much complete, but the team behind it is waiting to get feedback and tweek it until the Summer for a full release with everything running at its best after hearing back from players. We think the game is done now, so make with the Steam cards!

Full Metal Furies Steam $19.99

This game recently just came out on Steam and it's also up to four players or you can play by yourself and switch between the characters. It's a neat new cooperative co-op RPG that has you as an army unit of ladies taking on some strange enemies.

I was drawn to the idea as you don't have a lot of games with team work out there, so, it's nice to see a new one with a small army theme trying to save the world.

Shiftlings Enhanced Edition Switch $11.25-price may vary after writing this
Looks like a perfect game for two. And you'll really need a partner to help you solve the puzzles in this game about two space custodians who just aren't have a great day. Your tethered together and have to shift from being the "inflated guy". It looks like a nice puzzle solver for you and a friend to try out over a weekend or in some down time.