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Friday, February 23, 2018

LAist Coming Back

Though there's scant details on what LAist will come back as we have local public radio station KPCC to thank.

Let's back up and tell you that one of the best local news sources, other than this site, LAist, was shuttered and taken offline months ago due to it's former owner not wanting to deal with its writers forming a union and the costs that it would add. Its archives went back up a while ago, but the site remained dead. Then news hit today, Feb 23, 2018 that LAist was coming back from our own local radio station KPCC. A few sister sites to LAist are coming back too as multiple  radio stations joined together to get assets from the Gothamist brand.

So far, all we've be given is LAist will be coming back, but no news if former staff will be coming back or if its format will change heavily. Not even a date of when it will formally have new stories and info.

We'll update you when it does do.

via KPCC