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Monday, February 5, 2018

New York Hates Us And We Hate Them In Journailsm

The Wrap just sank it's teeth into New York with an article (and this is super meta) as how New York write about LA. The Wrap is basically saying, The New York Times really hates us and writes about us like the city sucks (it does sometimes, but will write about it ourselves). Please read the following in order and then just start laughing. The New York Times articles first, then The Wrap's story on New York.

Here's the apparent article that set off The Wrap for the last time:

A Paper Tears Apart in a City That Never Quite Came Together

So here's The Wrap writing like The New York Times about New York:

They’re Walkin’ Here: New York’s Hep Cats, Hot Dogs and Many, Many Rats Prefer Carbs to Cars