Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Sauce, A Podcast on the Szechuan Sauce Debacle

McDonald's made a podcast co-produced with Onion Labs and Studio@Gizmodo. It's called The Sauce, and it's pure propaganda. The podcast has they style of a well made stylized modern podcast, it goes over how the sauce got popular, the problems and what McDonald's "bravely" did handling it.

The podcast starts off weird as it can't say the animated series Rick & Morty is the source of the Szechuan Sauce's return to popularity. It literally doesn't name it, referring to it as "the show." Why? Completely unknown.

Then it goes over it's version of events and leaves out some very bad experiences that made the news. Instead, only choosing some of the bad events. And using them to make you feel sorry for their business.

It also adds a human angle following a couple from Canada trying to get the sauce and the chef behind it.

All together, it's a super strange bit of marketing from McDonald's to remind us it kind of sucks and we should feel bad for it, because it doesn't know how to run a company. Or keep fans happy.

You can hear the whole thing here.

And McDonald's is trying the roll-out of Szechuan Sauce again this Monday, Feb 26, 2018. Let's hope it goes better this time.