Monday, February 26, 2018

Theme Songs Were Sung at the Disney Television Animation Tribute

Nucleus had another wonderful opening, this time for a tribute to Disney Television Animation. What once was only going to be the fanfare of the nostalgia filled Disney afternoon soon included the newer shows appearing on ABC Saturday Mornings and Disney XD. Though, one could argue the most love seen was for the older cartoons during the grand opening, Saturday Feb 24th, 2018.

Be it Talespin or Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck or Duck Tales, the art sent you back to the time after-school when you would sit back, eat a snack and see some old friends go on adventures. You might hear one of the theme songs playing in your head. Some of those songs came out of memory storage on a memory board Nucleus set-up. As you can see some lines from some show's theme songs below:

The memories came pouring in by some fantastic tribute art. "Do you remember Gargoyles?," someone proclaimed in the crowd. "Did I watch Recess, I must have," someone spouted to them-self. Our favorite had to have been Rebecca E. Dreistadt's Rescue Ranger piece seen below. Oh, those big cat eyes. And, of course, Chip and Dale are too busy fighting to notice.
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Disney Television Animation Tribute Exhibition
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