Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Get Out Will Sell Out Feb 24

If you've yet to see Get Out, we get it. It's hard to get to theaters; why do you want to see a horror movie? Other reasons too private to get into. Well, your laziness or commitment to building a retro computer, play DnD or spread the gospel have paid off as you lucked out with a special screening of Get Out.

Writer-director Jordan Peele will be handling the Q & A at the Feb 24 screening. You might get to ask him what he's doing with the new Twilight Zone' reboot and then beg him to get it off of the horribly bad CBS All Access. Build a working streaming service and we'll talk CBS. Joining him our actresses Catherine Keener and Betty Gabriel, and producers Jason Blum and Sean Mckittrick.

You're getting this sweet deal because you waited and some people like myself feel like you don't deserve it as we've already seen the movie and now you finally care because it got nominated for some Oscars. You somewhat sicken usas you get these bonuses with your viewing. You're lucky your in LA, pal.

Get Out
Sat, Feb 24, 2018
Aero Theatre 1328 Montana Avenue,
Santa Monica, CA 90403