Monday, July 18, 2016

Will CaliBurger Stay Around Long Enough To Even Be Remembered?

On a busy Saturday night in Pasadena people were out playing Pokemon Go, shopping and eating. A line inside Yogurtland; near a outside wait room for The Cheesecake Factory, much munching was going on. When you get to CaliBurger, emptiness. The feeling of being deserted. CaliBurger can not stand up to it's inspiration of In-N-Out, not at all.

If you frequented Pasadena over the years you'll remember a Gelson's where CaliBurger is. It's still glaringly obvious if you ever went inside that Gelson's as there seems to have been little remodeling. It felt exactly like walking into the bakery at Gelson's. A stone stove in the corner remained from when it was a Gelson's and the counter is in the same place where one once bought cookies.

Strangely enough, CaliBurger is connected to another restaurant, it's on the other end of the location adding as distraction and strange look that makes you think your in a food court when you're not.

The meat, tomatoes, cheese, buns and lettuce all seemed sub-par. For double the price of In-N-Out they were no bigger and added nothing or changed the taste. The chicken sandwich along with their version of the Double Double is on par with cafeteria food. Forgot the fries.

With a lack of clientele you would think the the wait time wouldn't take forever. However, it was nowhere near In-N-Out's speedy service.

We're unsure if anyone is going to keep going to it when the real In-N-Out is so much better.

245 E Green St
Pasadena, CA 91101

(626) 658-9734