Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nagomi"s Earcleaning VR and Peeking Up Gal*Gun’s Skirt at Anime Expo 2016

People were lying on the floor, they had gizmos hooked up to their heads, but they looked somewhat serene on Anime Expo's show floor. They were getting their ears cleaned in, get this, "Nagomi"s Earcleaning VR." Oh, VR you finally started becoming the dream of so many. I'm not gonna go any further without telling you it seems, well, incestual. Yeah, it's nothing sexual, but something's there.
In game, your cousin, Nagomi, has offered to clean your ears and as she carefully and thoughtfully cleans them she talks about things that could be strewn as dirty, very dirty. "Oh, maybe we should sleep together when were kids," she says and then laughs all cute.

The experience was kind of calming and just a little bit funny for those who've seen some animes. Fan reaction was very positive at AX.

The booth itself was an easy-going delight with timed tickets to get in and a helpful staff to get you VR goggles and earphones on to be immersed in game.

Try it for yourself here.

This was presented from the adult site DL site, so it kind of explains the mentality of getting it to the Otaku masses at AX.

Peeking Up Gal*Gun’s Skirt panel let fans find out how the game, Gal*Gun: Double Peace, will finally get released in English, thanks to Geraint Evans (PQube) and Matt Papa (Inti Creates). We get this dirty little title on July 26 for Vita and PS4 in the America.

In the game you shoot girls until they reach euphoria. No death and those aren't bullets. Yeah, it's a bit risky, but it made it through to not be a MA title.

One of our favorite parts were the early letters sent to the ESRB to see if the game would be allowed and finding out that really only two people change all the massive dialog in the game.
We asked if one day you could take pictures to create your own panties in game or even have your face on them. The response was positive from the crowd and panelists. Though the games producer suggested they might be going into a VR direction with the next game in the series.