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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mob Psycho 100 Premiered It's First Two Episodes at AX

The makers of Mob Psycho 100 gave a special treat to a packed ballroom of Anime Expo fans when they showed not only episode one of Mob Psycho 100, but also episode two before even its Japanese audience. We were blown away by the story of Mob, real name Kageyama Shigeo, who has telekinetic and psychic powers and commonly refereed to as an Esper in Japanese science fiction. Coming from One, the same creator of One-Punch Man, the story is also about an over-powered hero, Mob, who seems to almost not care he has amazing powers.

Fans were overly ecstatic when they got to see the second episode and see the further exploits of an all to powerful super being trying to hold hands with the girl he likes.

We were told by the panelists not to reveal the story, but will say it's a great new action comedy that defines itself with its own art style. You have the taste of One-Punch Man in there too with its sense of comedy.

There's also  anticipation if Mob ever reaches 100 in an episode as a gauge reminds you how he's feeling, if it reaches 100...well we don't know, but the results of a super powerful esper at his max might be...uh, unstable to say the least.

Mob Psycho 100 comes out later this Summer on Crunchyroll for the US.