Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Drawful 2 Review: Two Colors, No Categories

After just playing Drawful 2.0 with friends I can say the game retains it's quality of making people laugh at their friends dumb drawings of what Frankenstein being a detective might look like. It's not a big step forward, two colors isn't the innovation I was craving. It's more like the game got an update, a really nice update. Now you can create your own categories or choose someone else's.

Drawful is a game where your are prompted to draw something and then your friends are too guess what you've drawn. This is done using phones and tablets, so you can't see each other's prompts or drawings until shown on shared screen. Then you guess what the art is, no mater how bad it is, with the words on screen. You both want to get points by guessing the correct word and that other players choose the right word for your work.

You see, we thought from earlier promotional material there would be categories from the selection screen, but whatever has happened since then or maybe the teaser didn't explain the game aspect very well; it just isn't true or didn't happen.

We believed in a future where there would be categories for Trolls, Family, Friends, and more. The Trolls one seemed especially like naughty fun. Alas we were denied that.

We were given our own categories to make. You can put in your own codes and save your own games. So if you wanted an entire game based on let's say hmmm.. Hentai or uh, current films you could or really do whatever you want.

A new feature we do really like is the ability to finally save your art from the game, but right now it's only to Twitter, many times it's not safe for Twitter. Hopefully, you'll be able to save to more social media like Facebook or your own private image gallery with an update.

We would have liked a save feature that generates a gallery to look at all past work in game. A virtual museum gallery that would put frames around doodles of c*cks and b**bies. That would have been nice.

So instead of a bigger update we got two colors that are randomly given to you and the ability to create whatever you want to draw. With up to 8 players, which is pretty impressive, it remains a powerful party game. There is an audience feature that the game says will allow up to 1000 people to watch you play, but  wh owants to watch instead of creating their own..."duck president eating tacos?"

 Drawful 2 is available on Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and usually goes for $9.99