Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Finni Chang's Open Letter To AX

"I complained to a staff member, asking if there was any way they could please turn the AC on or if it was on, to turn it up higher. I was told that as artist alley staff, they aren’t able to affect any changes on the way AX is run... They also informed me that the reason for the AC situation was that AX management was trying to keep to a budget and save on operating cost. "

"It was hot in the Artist Alley. It was really, really hot, and many people were getting light-headed or close to fainting from the heat (and there was at least one report of someone fainting and an EMT response). We needed the air conditioning turned on and fast. This problem had persisted two days in a row now, and the staff had told us there was nothing they could do about it."
By day three of AX the air-conditioning was working for artist alley.

Above were excerpts from Finni Chang's open letter to the SPJA, the people behind AX, on how bad her artist alley experience was. Finni is a ten-year veteran of AX's artist alley.

She even goes further andover one of our major problems of AX this year, the narrow walkways of artist alley.

 To read the complete very well written argument go here

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