Sunday, July 10, 2016

Exclusive: Sword-Wielding Man in Little Tokyo Location

After a lengthy search TTDILA has discovered the exact location of where the incident in Little Tokyo of a sword-wielding man was in a stand-off with the LAPD over committing suicide during AX took place. The man was caught alive after a lengthy ordeal with the LAPD and other sources indicate it took both tear gas and bean-bag shooters for him to surrender. It was not an easy  investigation to find out where this took place as local employees in the area and off-duty LAPD officers were unsure. Local sources also have been giving false or unreliable information.

Starting within the Japanese Village Plaza we were redirected to Weller Court, both thought to be the location of the incident. In fact, the LAPD mistakenly cleared out Weller Court as information and the names of places in Little Tokyo are poorly displayed and repeated. On our own investigation we found another Japanese Village Plaza (building), next to Japanese Village Plaza (open area). Reports of it taking place at the mall, known as Little Tokyo Galleria were also false.

The incident of the sword-wielding and possible knife handling suicidal man was in fact in the open area Japanese Village Plaza at Shinyodo Kimono & Japanese Gift , 119 Japanese Village Plaza. Though other sources have now named the location's address they incorrectly refer to it as a cutlery store. It is a well known gift shop between Yamazaki Bakery and Sanrio.

Shinyodo was closed when we visited, July 9th 2016.

Update: Rafu goes into detail about the incident and explains that sadly Shinyodo's inventory was ruined and much of the store was trashed during the incident.

Second Update: LA Times has a really dumb opinion piece by titled L.A. plays it cool on a hot night in Little Tokyo. He brings up Blade Runner...for some reason. He goes over the lack of intensity the crowd had over the incident, but were unsure what intensity he was looking for. Did someone need to start crying for him to be amazed. Then he had a nice dinner with his family.

Good-by LA Times, you had so much going for you, but in the last G-d, what have you become.