Friday, July 15, 2016

Ghostbusters 2016 Review: There Was Never A Better Film To Wait For Home Video Release

Kate McKinnonm you deserve your own movie. Leslie Jones go for it. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig your fine. As a group it would have been great to see you on screen with your own concept; an idea that you came up with. You did not and are allowed to leave this court.

Not so fast Sony! Director Paul Feig and co-writer Katie Dippold you stay too. You would have a lot to answer for if you hadn't made the same movie you usually make over at Sony. The same middle-of-the-road film with too much CGI and obvious studio meddling. Oh, I'm so sick of your long line of bad films, Sony. When I see a good film in theaters, I always ponder why I'm laughing out loud and then I remember what you've made.

Ghostbusters, original recipe was a comedy, but a comedy where everyone played their part straight, except for Bill Murray and Rick Moranis. It's a cynical movie and the jokes come because there's a sense of reality with some weirdos who hunt ghosts.

The second this new film starts you see a background comedian who currently has a role on HBO's popular Silicon Valley and you know Paul Feig and Katie Dippold did not take them same route. And like a small child with toys in a bath it crams everything into each other into a watered-down mess.

The first twenty to thirty minutes of the film I was amazed at the bad jokes and all the background characters who are really good comedians...just not in this because of the mediocre script.

Later in the film the jokes do get better, but it takes so long for it to get there.

Special effects are mostly garbage. Ghost design is no longer the fun creepy mess of creatures from the orginal. You can see people's skeleton's is the main look for the ghosts, green transparency.

Slimer looks cleaner in CGI? He just looks wrong compared to the puppet made for him originally.

When the Ghostbuster fight an army of dead New York based ghost it's hard to tell what they are. I though one was a mobster with a Tommy gun, which seemed like a fun idea. Yet, I couldn't tell what happened or who else they were fighting, maybe some frontiersman? That scene was big mess on screen.

You had a well thought out scene with some creepy bigger ghosts just prior to that which all had great design and then suddenly this other big fight scene came about. I'm unsure if the second unit just did the better fight scene because it looks like Paul Feig can't direct action this time around.

Sony...Sony must of just laughed off Feig's vision as a fully realized dance number was put on the end credits. After watching the film you know exactly where it should have been in the movie. Everyone is stuck in a pose like there about to start dancing after a possessed Chris Hemsworth commands them to with supernatural powers.

If Sony made Feig director and watched the dailies and new it was gonna happen, why cut what had to be millions of dollars to make. The movie went for silly, let it be known for being silly. I now want to see the unfettered version of it when it comes out on home video, it looked like fun.

It makes for Sony meddling that's so obvious you have to wonder what is their fault and what's the director's.

Did the movie really need product placement? Pringles and Papa John's had better cameos than the original Ghostbusters in the film. They couldn't make a deal at the end for their own film for some damn Hi-C Ecto Cooler?

See it at home at a much lower price when bored.