Wednesday, July 20, 2016

LA Times Likes Japanese Magazines

You'd think with everything going on in LA and the world the LA Times would have some amazing stories. You'd be wrong. Instead of going over the entertainment industry or really just about anything they did a piece on a famous Japanese magazine, Popeye, yeah that's it's name. If you've ever been to a Japanese bookstore or supermarket you've probably seen this Men's fashion magazine.

The kind of connection here? What's hot in Japan right now?Los Angeles, circa 1976 explains. The latest issue of Popeye is an anniversary issue for 40 years of service. It reprints the fashion of the late 1970's Los Angeles that became super popular in Japan at the time. For the issue it's not only a reprint, but new articles based on SoCal. Sadly, you can only enjoy the pictures if you don't speak Japanese.

Another odd choice for The Times as it descends more into chaos as it might be sold at some point.