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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Adventure Time Time: Comic-Con and The Simpsons?

Girl Power - Adventure Time by Courtoon

-Season 9 Confirmed, we're still on season 7 right now.

-Comic-Con 2016 had the Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom Tournament
Sadly, no panel this year, but they did have a costume ball and screening.

-Are we ever gonna hear about the movie again?

-There's going to be a crossover with The Simpsons

"...a crossover one with… Adventure Time. (Simpsons supervising director, Mike Anderson — who is a big fan of the animated Cartoon Network show — pitched the bit and wound up directing it.) The theme song to Adventure Time gets Simpson-ized to “Simpsons Time,” and will be sung by the show’s creator, Pendleton Ward." via EW

-Adventure Time Comics #1 comes out this week. Instead of the continuity of stories it's all about shorts from different artists.

-Adventure Time Postcard Library

A collection of 100 cards is packaged in a slipcased set of four postcard books. Each book is devoted to a different creative aspect of the show: Concept Art contains behind-the-scenes drawings; Title Cards features the unique art that begins each episode; Cartoon Stills is filled with favorite moments from the show itself; and Gallery Art includes original paintings and prints by the show’s creators and specially commissioned illustrators.