Monday, July 4, 2016

Samurai Sword-Wielding Lunatic in Little Tokyo Caught

Little Tokyo, an especially popular place to visit with Anime Expo in town over the weekend had to deal with a samurai sword-wielding lunatic on Sunday evening around 5:15 pm. ABC7 reported that an unidentified man became agitated and was asked to leave a gift shop in the Japanese Village Plaza, possibly Weller Court area of Little Tokyo after showing signs of mental illness, such as talking to people who weren't there. A security guard asked him to leave the gift shop, but he did not and the store manager called the police. When the police arrive the unidentified man grabbed swords and knives and made threats about harming himself.

At the same time all other patrons left the store, so no hostages were taken as social media has been embellishing. The LAPD also asked that the surrounding shops be evacuated for safety.

It then became a game of waiting as officers tried to calm the man down as he threatened to harm himself with the multiples knives and swords in the shop. The LA Times reported the unidentified man did not surrender until 1:40 am Monday morning.

The LAPD was in full force for the incident as they were less than a mile away. LAPD Headquarters is walking distance from Little Tokyo.

This was a rather bad time for the incident as the most popular anime convention in the country is taking place with many anime fans staying at the hotels or just hanging out in the Little Tokyo area.

We'll update this story as more information becomes available.