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Monday, February 8, 2016

WonderCon's Coming: WonderCon 2016 Updates

We just pray we have some significant news updates for you about WonderCon, taking place at the LA Convention Center next month. For now we'll just update you as big news comes in.

First off,

"Justice League vs. Teen Titans," will premiere at WonderCon this March. This is another Damian-centric (Robin/Batman's son) film. It has the current DC Animated Justice League fighting a new Teen Titans, somewhat similar to the make-up of the Teen Titans Go! team. It's going to be a fight between the Titans and League as the villainous demon Trigon, Raven's Dad takes control of the League and turns them into demons.

For fans of the current animated, straight-to-video universe, good for you. But, if you read our review of Batman: Bad Blood, y'know were kind of sick of the overly-complicated plots, Marvel movie scene steals and, sad to say over-the-top violence. And we love violence, but in DC comics you try and not kill everyone.