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Thursday, February 25, 2016

7th Street Undeground

Isaac Simpson
While researching places where the film Drive took place for an upcoming artcile I found this lovely article on Hobo guides under the 7th Street Bridge (featured in the film Drive)

"Hello," we shout.
"Hello," the man says.
"Hope we're not disturbing you; we just wanted to check it out."
"OK. What do you all do?"
We named our professions - writer, attorney, bartender. He agreed to let us up for $20.
And after that, he became our guide. He helped us in, demonstrating how to maneuver onto a pipe near the railroad ties and pull ourselves up. As we clutched onto the metal bars, he swung them open, propelling us one by one into the interior like tumbling monkeys.
Inside isn't just an atrium. It's his home.

Read the full thing from LA Weekly here.