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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What's Going in Marvel's Avengers Academy

It seems the game most people passed up as stupid girly messed-up mobile nonsense has some sort of darker subplot going on. What subplot? Well, in what Susana Polo is writing for Polygon the incarnation of the Avengers and other Marvel hero and villains as good looking teenagers might be the reincarnation of their dead selves after some sort of apocalyptic battle. The game characters question why a super hero school has strange time mist around it and pieces of what may be the future or students future dead counterparts. The silliest part to me is making the Nazi Red Skull a teenage punk.

We're not go to even discusses DC and its SuperHero High.

Remember screw any new ideas, just churn out characters  in new dumb ways...with creepy undertones.

I hope SuperHero High takes place  in a dying Harlequin's brain.