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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Secret LA Events: Petal Parade & Witchery

Viewers take in the rain of petals during a short preview of "Petal Drop LA (01)" held early this week. (Carolina A. Miranda / Los Angeles Times)
Petal Drop LA (01) takes place Saturday. If you guessed from the name flower petals will be dropping, supposedly all day, in the alley between the Arcade Theatre and the Cameo Theatre on Broadway (530 and 532 S. Broadway). You can also write on slips of paper memories of your thoughts of LA. This is from the same group behind the unsanctioned Griffith Park Teahouse.

The second secret event may already be full up or the site behind it is down. The new horror film, " The Witch, " is having special events for it's showings in different cities. Supposedly, as part of the premiere event on Feb 12 they'll have Satanic ritual going on in conjunction with the cycle of accepting Satan. LA is the Rebellion part of the cycle...and no, we don't know what that means.
Only details we found so far are from shocktiludrop.