Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Embed with Games Just Starting To Review

We've only read the first few pages, but we're already intrigued by Cara Ellison's recently released book, "Embed with Games: A Year on the Couch with Game Developers." It's her adventure going all over the world, hanging out with a slew of game developers over the course of a year. She only did it due to the help of her Patreon, which left her with little money. It's the new best selling release in Game Programming on Amazon and Cara won the award of New York Games Journalism for it. Sadly, Cara has moved on as doesn't even write game journalism anymore as it's not the most lucrative market.

It could just have been the cover art or that lovely depressed and angry vibe we get from Cara on her first trip to London. It might be the was she lights up when people she talks to developers and plays games. In any case we'll have a full review of Ms. Ellison's travels in gaming shortly.