Monday, February 29, 2016

House of Secrets Burbank's Best Comic Shop

We haven't been by in a while and it makes us sad that we hadn't when we stepped back into the House of Secrets in Burbank. The best comic shop in that town has a wide selection of not only the newest books out, but big meaty trade paperbacks and hardcovers to bite into. Or, if you don't like eating paper they have all your statue and collectible needs in one of the sleekest looking comic book stores in the LA area. Back issues, new issues and even some low-rent zines await with good customer service. And once again, a place that looks so fine it should just be toured on a local news show for some decent HD video set to bad music for the hell of it.

1930 W Olive St
Burbank, CA 91506
818 562 1900
  • Monday 11a - 7p
  • Tuesday 11a - 7p
  • Wednesday 11a - 8:30p
  • Thursday 11a - 7p
  • Friday 11a - 8p
  • Saturday 11a - 7p
  • Sunday 12p - 5p