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Monday, February 15, 2016

The Witch Weekend We Had

TTDILA's weekend consisted of hanging with some Satanists, walking the streets of Chinatown, watching a dwarf get dirty and looking for likable art in Little Tokyo. It was a strange weekend almost bewitched from the start for the special screening of Robert Eggers's new horror film The Witch. The film is based on New England folk tales and got rave reviews from Sundance. A special fan screening took place at the Loz Feliz Theater on Friday night.

The Witch has some striking moments and getting into the realistic speak and lifestyle of Puritans is a nice adjustment from your average horror film. The acting of Anya Taylor-Joy as a simple daughter named Thomasin, accused of witchcraft by her family, is phenomenal as is everyone's performance including children.

Why it is a break-out at Sundance however is bewildering. Though very different, we can't say it moved us as much as The Babadook or It Follows and those being set in modern times has nothing to do with our decision. Maybe it needs more payoff or a more experienced director towards the end that you seem to see coming and care very little for.

After the screening and after the applause guests were invited to a ritual of the Satanic Temple. Not that far away at an undisclosed location a weird almost naked person marked our foreheads as we entered what looked like a church. Inside a gallery of the naked and an open bar awaited us. I cared more for the open was mostly naked dudes.

After mingling, candles were lit and a rousing speech was addressed to the goths and those poorly dressed for the occasion. You wear black or apparently nothing to A break down of society and other mixed messages as as a dark American flag flew open before us.

The Witch opens this Thursday, check local listings.