Tuesday, February 16, 2016

MouthFeel After Party at the Ace Hotel

by Gregory Brent

Valentines day marked the end of the Los Angeles Art Book Fair. Which features various artists’ publications from catalogs to magazines. With the L.A.A.B.F happening downtown the after parties were in full swing. I had the pleasure of attending “Mouthfeel” Magazine’s after party at the Ace Hotel.
            As I took the elevator up to Ace Hotel’s rooftop bar I was incredibly curious about what I would see when the doors opened. I’ve lived in  DTLA for two years, just a few blocks from the venue, and have never managed to get into this place. Walking into the bar I really took in the mood. Very low lighting and couples sitting individually with more group parties as I worked my way to the DJ booth. The venue was split into three rooms. The first room was the largest, housing the tables and DJ booth. The second room was a dedicated bar with an elevator for hotel guests. The third room was by far the coolest. It had a great view of the city with a Jacuzzi right in the middle of the room.
Tonight's event was for “Mouthfeel” magazine. “Mouthfeel” is a magazine for the homosexual food and restaurant industry. I spoke with Mac, a PR rep for the publication, who says that the magazine “Retains the DIY spirit” of L.A.A.B.F.  He tells me about some of the editorials that are featured in the zine. Everything from highlights on renowned gay chefs to a feature on a drag queen who hosts very exclusive and very naked dinner parties.  They started this venture about one year ago and have gained a small following.The “Heavy Hearts Tour” was to promote the release of the second issue and had events in Portland and San Francisco.
 I asked a reader of the magazine how he felt about the publication and he said he was happy that something like this exists. “There is something to be said about the gay community in the kitchen, which has historically been a very hetero place”.
You can learn more about “Mouthfeel” here.