Friday, February 19, 2016

Anger Room Let It All Loose LA

Made fun of in a number of TV shows and usually set in New York-because that city makes you that way-comes a room where you get ten minutes to let it all loose. The concept of the "Anger Room," which does sound quite fun, is to smash and break all inside and let your anger that room.

My only question, will it work in LA? Are so many people that angry and frustrated and willing to pay $40 to smash? LA has many laid back people, but do we still have our instincts to just destroy everything for fun, like ancient man did when he beat up dinosaurs until Dinosaur Pope told him to stop and try and creating fire. That was ancient Catholicism at work, why do you think there were so many dinosaur babies?

Though that last part wasn't true, is there enough anger to sustain the pop-up shop into a full time hate-fest for furniture. Are cheap lamps safe in this city to stay on tacky relative night stands?

As of right now, the event looks like it's selling out or time slots were never managed well.

via LAist

Anger Room LA
Fen 26-27