Tuesday, August 25, 2015

VR Expo Comes From Who? Van Beethoven

USA Today has a short write up on the man behind the sold out Virtual Reality LA Expo happening this weekend. We'll be covering it.

As Scharf got increasingly more absorbed in the world of VR, he realized that there was no forum in Los Angeles where he could meet other enthusiasts. Upon finding no meaningful results in his attempt to locate a VR club, his immediate reaction was to “start one now.”
USC student Cosmo Scharf peers into the future of Virtual Reality

Van Beethoven is happening starting Sept 11. A van will be driving around LA with the whole LA Philharmonic Orchestra in it. How? Virtual Reality! Put on Oculus goggles and be transported to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Something you can really just do also, tickets can be expensive though. This is free.