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Monday, August 10, 2015

DWP Still Sucks, Bud Light Kills Pilot

"Utility crews were working Saturday night to repair a water main break near of Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, officials said."

DWP water main break floods Ventura Boulevard in Studio City 

"Enkone Goodlow, an artist who rents a hangar at the airport, said he and some spectators had watched the pilot repeatedly try to hook a Bud Light banner. The banner was tied to a mastpole on the ground and the pilot would fly by and try to snare it with a grappling hook dangling from the plane before pulling up."

"Usually, people get it the first time if not the second time, but it took [the pilot] seven times," Goodlow said. "We thought it was not normal. I wondered what was going on when after the seventh successful hook, all of a sudden, his plane nosed to the ground. We ran full blast toward it, thinking we could pull him out."

 Pilot killed in crash of banner-towing plane at Compton airport