Thursday, August 6, 2015

Adventure Time Time: Jesse Moynihan Leaves, Goes Down Road of Denial On Award

Wow, I may have not liked his latest season of out-there stories deviating from the time honored tradition of buddy adventurers, but not like this.

Jesse Moynihan, the man who made the show oh-so weird, was announced departed by showrunner Adam Muto via Twitter. It seems on good terms.

Yet another member of core crew is gone leaving a hodge-podge of newbies to work on Adventure Time.

Other questions for fans  include if Jesse's work will impact future unreleased episodes as it takes some time from storyboard to finished work. Does Jesse have any ties with the Adventure Time feature film still? Why did he leave the show, was it due to fans not liking the latest season?

- The episode "Jake the Brick" is up for an Emmy in Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program with long time crew member Kent Osborne behind it.

I think it has no chance of winning. The odd choice of episode make me think the process is completely random. For note, Adventure time has been nominated for an Emmy in this category since 2010 and has yet to win, it even lost to Regular Show, ouch. I'm guessing Steven Universe is going to win this year.