Friday, August 21, 2015

SpectreFest Back To Scare Butt

Halloween starts early here in LA, Universal and Knott's will have their scare nights open next month. Starting extra early too, SpectreFest from SpectreVision the studio from owners Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller and Elijah Wood.  The third year of SpectreFest has more special screenings of horror films with special guests from said films in attendance. Accompanying the scares are special musical performances with many a live score performance nights, a classic of The Cinefamily where the screenings will take place.

It's mind boggling at the collectionsof films they have gotten for the two month program of, not just horror, but sheer absurdity. It's absurd to think of any night during October to be filled with so much entertainment in a small theater on Hollywood.

Starting it off is the much anticipated Cooties, starring Elijah Wood, this film has been done for a while now, in fact many thought it would screen at last year's SpectreFest. Teachers Vs zombie kids anyone?

Goodnight Mommy was firstshown in LA at AFI Fest, know it returns with it's next chilling screening in LA at SpectreFest and then will have a limited run. Funny, it's playing again the next night at the Nuarte with the same special guests if you miss SpectreFest's 9/10  

Directors Severin Fiala
& Veronika Franz

Friday, September 11
7:30pm - Q&A
9:50pm - Intro

This Austrian horror film has two little boys not convivned the women whose come back from some sort of face surgery is their mother.

Special include a preview of Goosebumps, featuring Jack Black as R.L. Stine in a horror comedy where the stories in the books come to life.

Aaaaaaaah! has our attention with its premise of a breakdown of society where people can only grunt and join tribes. If a fan of British TV, the cast is supposedly made up of all of it.

Deadline is reporting the use of virtual reality at the event with Catatonic, a trip in an insane aslyum while your bound to a wheelchair.

We'll be going over more of the latest SpectredFest it as it draws ever closer.

Here's the full list of SpectreFest 2015:

Sept. 3           Opening night: Cooties (L.A. premiere)
Sept. 10         Goodnight Mommy (L.A. premiere)
Sept. 17         Hour of the Wolf  (Live score by Kreng)
Sept. 24        Final Girls (L.A. premiere)
Oct. 1             Deathgasm (with cast and crew in attendence)
Oct. 2-3         Goosebumps Weekend Sneak/Night of Episodes, art show.
Oct. 3             Saturday Morning Cartoons – Spectre Edition.
Oct. 4             An Evening With Larry Fessenden and screening of Habit.
Oct 7              The Visit (West Coast premiere)
Oct. 8             Sun Choke (L.A. premiere with cast and crew in attendance)
Oct. 10           Zack Carlson Sleepover.
Oct. 11            Steve Moore vs. Superman.
Oct. 14           Fires on the Plain (West Coast premiere)
Oct. 15           Love & Peace (L.A. premiere)
Oct. 16-17     Joe Frank: Murdered By the Mind.
Oct. 18          Terrible Resonance (Live show by Here Be Monsters)
Oct. 19          Aaaaaaaah! (L.A. premiere)
Oct. 22         Nasty Baby (L.A. premiere)
Oct. 28         Show & Tell with E. Elias Merhige and Begotten & Din of Celestial Birds.
Oct. 29         Closing night Tikkun (L.A. premiere with director Avishai Sivan)
Oct. 30         Hip Hop Horror (screening of Child’s Play hosted by Bushwick Bill)