Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Drive #1 Review: Ughh

Drive #1

A friend just bought me the Blu-ray and made up a story to the employees at Best Buy about it. In his version, the movie is about a guy going on a driving test that has to pass it to deliver potato salad in time. That is not the plot to Drive. A swanky action crime drama about an almost voiceless stunt/getaway driver who ends up running a foul on the mafia set in LA, that Drive. The film has amazing music and used a number of iconic LA locations, all real and can be visited.

Drive #1 could care less about LA then the two signs that says it's taking place in LA. I'm not sure if artist Antoni Fusio lives in LA or knows what LA looks like. Those two signs I mentioned were most likely added last minute. The rest of the art I would say is beyond mediocre.

The story is unfolding of the nameless driver dealing with a job gone bad and breaking his own rules of just driving, nothing else. We get a quick setup for potential sex from a new neighbor and one scene of him kicking some ass. This is no retelling of the movie, it's a new story that I'm mostly going to forget about after reading.

Pass on this tale that doesn't even have the rights to the iconic Scorpion jacket.